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Winter Hours 

Mikvah Winter Hours

Touhy Mikvah ($23)
- Appointments and Walk-Ins -
Weeknights: 1 hour after candle lighting time (of previous week) until 9:30 pm
Motzai Shabbos and Motzai YomTov: 2 hours after candle lighting time until 9:30pm
Friday nights and Leil Yom Tov nights: 50 minutes after candle lighting time (of that week).
Kehal Chasidim Mikvah ($28)
- By Appointment Only -
Weeknights: 6pm - 8pm (after clock change)
Motzai Shabbos- 2 hours after candle lighting time  for 2 hours
Friday nights and leil Yom Tov nights: 50 minutes after candle lighting time (of that week).
Skokie Mikvah ($23)
- Weeknights Walk-Ins only; Fri Nights Appointments only -
Weeknights: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Motzai Shabbos and Motzai Yomtov: 2 hrs and 15 min  after candle lighting time for 2 hours
Friday nights: please call Mrs. Brandy Schaffel 224-305-2164
Peterson Park Friday Night Mikvah  ($23)
- Appointments Only -
Friday nights and leil Yom Tov nights: 50 minutes after candle lighting time (of that week).

Reservations: Phone and ONLINE 
 To make reservations at all mikvaos for weeknights or Friday nights
please call:
Automated Phone Reservation System 773-274-7425 and follow the prompts.
Or online - Just Click on the Reservation tab in this website (NEW!)

Please note:
There will be an extra fee of $25 for all out of hour appointments and for all arrivals within 45 minutes of closing times for baths and within 15 minutes of closing time for showers.

Mon, August 3 2020 13 Av 5780