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Summer Hours



Weeknights: 30 min after candle - lighting until 10:30 pm

Motzai shabbos and motzai yomtov: 2 hours after candle - lighting time until 11:30pm

Tvilah time is 40 min after opening time.

For Friday night and Yotmov night reservations, please make a reservation by calling 773 274-7425 and following the prompts. For Touhy Friday night reservations you can also click on the Friday night Tab.


Weeknights: 1 hour after candle - lighting time for 2 hours

Motzai shabbos and motzai yomtov: 2 hrs and 15 min  after candlel - ighting time for 2 hours

For Friday nights please call Mrs. Brandy Schaffel 224-305-2164

Peterson Park Friday night Mikvah 

Please call 773-274-7425 and follow the prompts

Please note:

There will be a $25 late fee for all arrivals within 45 minutes of closing times for baths and within 15 minutes of closing time for showers.

Mon, October 14 2019 15 Tishrei 5780