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Women's Mikvaos  SummerHours (Starting March 10 2024)





Touhy Mikvah ($27)


Walk ins only

30 minutes after candle lighting until 10:30 pm

Tvila time is 40 minutes after opening time 


Motzai Shabbos

2 hours after candle lightning until 11:30pm (Walk Ins only)

Friday Nights - Appointments only 773-274-7425

Khal Chasidim Mikvah ($28)

All Nights:  Appointments only-773-274-7425

Skokie Mikvah ($30)

Weekday Hours: 30 minutes after candle lighting for 2 hours. Walk ins only.

Motzai Shabbos: 2 hours and 15 minutes after candle lighting for one hour.

Friday night - By appointment only Mrs. Brandy Schaffel -(voice or text) 224-305-2164

Peterson Park Friday Night Mikvah  ($27)

- Appointments Only - 

Friday nights and leil Yom Tov nights t'vila time: 50 minutes after candle lighting time (of that week).

Reservations: Phone and ONLINE 
 To make reservations for weeknights or Friday nights (Khal Chasidim Every night and Touhy Friday nights) please call:
Automated Phone Reservation System 773-274-7425 and follow the prompts.
Or online - Just Click on the Reservation tab in this website!

Late Fee Policy
There will be an extra fee of $25 for all out of hour appointments and for all arrivals within 45 minutes of closing times for baths and within 15 minutes of closing time for showers.


For special needs, urgent or time sensitive matters please call:

Touhy Mikvah- Mrs. Mashi Eisenbach (text preferred) 773-209-2897

Khal Chasidim Mikvah- Mrs. Miriam Sora Rosenberg - (no text) 773-949-1879

Peterson Park Friday Night Mikvah - Mrs. Yudie Cohen - 773-419-3440

Skokie Mikvah - Mrs. Brandy Schaffel -(voice or text) 224-305-2164


Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784